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Territory Palliative Care (TPC) Top End

Territory Palliative Care (TPC) Top End has three facets of service provision:

  • Hospice inpatient
  • RDH inpatient
  • Consultation and community

We accept patients with both malignant and non-malignant conditions who are unlikely to live longer than twelve months.

Hospice Darwin

Territory Palliative Care Hospice is a 12 bed in-patient specialist palliative care facility which is available to palliative patients for symptom management, end of life care and occasionally respite admissions. All patients have a single room with a private bathroom and double doors opening to a patio. Visiting hours are unrestricted however we often request that families and carers restrict numbers to 2 for overnight stays.

Aims of the Hospice

  • To allow patient to die with dignity in comfortable surroundings
  • To provide quality of life as defined by patient
  • To provide an environment that promotes family/carer involvement in care
  • To provide access to a multi-disciplinary team
  • To provide bereavement support to families before and after death.


Admission to the hospice is available to patients with a terminal condition, who are patients of Territory Palliative Care and are assessed as being appropriate for admission.

Because of the many complexities with hospice admission and the limits to the care provided in the hospice, out of normal business hours admissions are kept to a minimum.

Its important that the limits of what can be done in the hospice are known by the patient and family prior to admission – that regular observations are not done, a doctor is on call from home after hours, intravenous antibiotics and transfusions are limited and resuscitation is not performed.

Hospice information for patients and visitors

General Information

The Hospice is a short stay facility that is here to assist and support families and patients with symptom management, respite, transition to home and end of life care.

We ask that consideration be given to other patients and their families staying in the Hospice and that noise be kept to a minimum at all times.

There are nurses on duty on a 24 hourly basis but Medical, Social Worker, Chaplain, Occupational Therapist, Aboriginal Health Practitioner and volunteers are present Monday to Friday, 0800 – 4.30. A Palliative Care doctor will see patients on a Saturday morning if needed.

There are only 2 nurses on overnight. The nurses might be with a patient if you are unable to get assistance immediately. Please be patient, someone will be with you as soon as possible.

Visiting Hours

The Hospice has flexible visiting hours during the day. However, we ask that all visitors that aren’t staying overnight leave the building by 8.30 pm. For security reasons the front doors are locked at this time. It is also a quiet time whereby patients are resting.

Under normal circumstances visitors will not be able to enter after 8.30


We encourage 1 to 2 adult family members and / or carers to stay overnight. All those staying are to be registered with the Hospice Ward Clerk.

Meals will be provided to those registered to stay.

Under most circumstances we do not allow children to stay overnight.


In consideration of other patients children must be supervised at all times and that noise be kept to a minimum. Please don’t allow children to run inside the building.

There is a large area outside where children can play with adult supervision.


Smoking must take place outside the building with the doors closed.

We ask that cigarettes be extinguished when a staff member is present.

Electrical Equipment

We ask that patients and visitors do not bring in any electrical equipment such as toasters and kettles to use in the Hospice as it may interfere with and damage the building’s power supply.

There is a fully equipped communal kitchen and living area for the use of all patients and visitors.

If you have queries about this you can discuss it with the Hospice management.

The Hospice staff thank you for your consideration of other patients and family members.

Royal Darwin Hospital Consults

TPC Top End provides a consultative service to patients in Royal Darwin Hospital while they are inpatients under other teams where needed

Community Service

The Top End community area is divided into 2 catchment areas – urban and rural. The urban catchment is then further subdivided into Casuarina and Palmerston areas.

TPC Top End Community service thus has 3 managers;

  • Casuarina
  • Palmerston
  • Rural & remote

Aims of community service

  • Case manage patients with terminal illness who need specialist palliative care service support
  • Follow up palliative care patients in the community (urban and remote) by phone, email, home visits, outpatient review or telehealth
  • Provide support to patients who wish to die at home.

Our specialist community team supports the care provided by the community nurse and your primary care provider. They do not replace existing providers of care, but assess need, provide skilled advice and assist in coordinating community services.

Out of hours

Once a patient has been accepted to Territory Palliative Care service they are given access to an emergency out of hours support number.

During normal business hours – see “how to access service” below.

How to access services/referrals

Phone : 08 89226761
Fax: 08 89226775

Referral can also be in the form of a letter and is usually from your medical practitioner, medical staff, community service or the patient/carer.
Where a patient/carer wishes to self refer we usually require a referral/information from a medical practitioner.


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